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Dr. Tom Hawke

Journey to Antarctica with Dr. Thomas Hawke, a Canadian scientist, as he joins the research team of Dr. Shane Kanatous to investigate how young Weddell seal pups develop into elite divers.

"Myself and three team members will spend approximately two months 'on the ice'. Every day will be a novel adventure and because of Dow's sponsorship of Yes I Can! Science, I will be able to bring my experiences into Canadian classrooms in real-time."

Tom Hawke PhD

It is with great pleasure that we (Drs Thomas J. Hawke, Stephen J. Trumble, Rebecca R. Watson and myself) welcome the Yes I Can! Science family and participating schools to join us on our Antarctic expedition. This research has brought together scientists from across the United States and Canada. We are all very excited to have you along as we try to answer the question how do the skeletal muscles of seals develop to work during diving even when the animal is not breathing. We believe the answers to this question may have tremendous implications for human medicine. By understanding how another mammal has successfully overcome the debilitating effects of working under low oxygen conditions, we may be able to learn new therapeutic approaches to assist humans with heart or lung disease.

Yours in science,
Shane B. Kanatous, Ph.D.
This project is brought to you by YES I Can! Science

This project runs from October 1, 2005 to December 31, 2005. Registration for this project is closed.

This project is suitable for students from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

Recent News

Honours for Polar Science

Posted: Sun Dec 18 08:16:21 2005

We are thrilled to announce that Polar Science has been chosen as the "Best example/ case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning" by the The Edublog Awards 2005, (Awards for scholarly and education focused bloggers). Congratulations to Dr. Hawke for his interesting and informative articles and to all teachers and students for their insightful comments and questions!

Project end

Posted: Mon Dec 5 03:29:12 2005

The project is now winding down. Dr. Hawke has left Antarctica and is on his way to New Zealand. He will continue communicaton with students for about two weeks in January from York University.

Power Failure

Posted: Mon Nov 7 04:58:45 2005

Due to Sunday's high winds there were power interruptions right across the province. Our servers were affected but power has now been restored. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Week 4 Update

Posted: Sun Oct 30 20:10:24 2005

Dr. Hawke has posted his Week 4 update and photos in the Expedition News Focus Area.

Polar Science Scavenger Hunt

Posted: Tue Oct 25 03:12:49 2005

The first ten teams to submit their results will receive a Polar Science photograph signed by Dr. Hawke. Go to Messages and choose the Polar Science Discussion Forum for complete details.

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